Tebag Internacional S.A.

TebagTEBAG Internacional S.A. is an environmental engineering firm, specialized in design, construction and start-up of high quality waste-water treatment plants. Our range of solutions, both customized and standardized, allows us to execute industrial as well as residential/domestic projects. A methodical and effective design process, based on top quality equipment and instrumentation, where the latest technology is put to work, characterizes TEBAG systems.

TEBAG outstands by assigning its projects to engineers of solid experience, with at least a master’s degrees from U.S.A. and Germany in the areas of environmental engineering, chemical process engineering and mechanical engineering.

Work Philosophy

demo imageOur work philosophy comprehends a careful determination of the project requirements and strict abiding to local and international standards.

Communication with the customer and immediate attention to all his inquiries and difficulties form the main axis of an executive process in which total satisfaction is ensured permanently and the fulfillment of all contractual obligations.

Our after-sale service and technical support enable controlling the systems performance and maintaining them at its optimum operative condition.